Why bother with social media?

I have often heard local entrepreneurs say, why is social media even important? They argue that the bulk of the business they receive is from referrals or repeat customers, so why does it matter if they use social media or even have social media accounts for their brands.? It’s a great question! Exactly WHY is […]

In The Land Of Social Media, Story Is King

Take a moment and remember the last time you were reading a blog, an article or a Facebook post and the story being shared was just so moving, uplifting or funny that you felt you neededĀ to do something about it… Do you remember? That was the time you justĀ had to share that post with your […]

New Beginnings…

It’s been an eventful year so far! So much has happened and so much has changed. Having worked for the same digital company for 5 years I have finally gathered the courage to strike out on my own and see where this new path leads. As the famous Dr Seuss books says, “You have brains […]